CACAO BASIC - 03.10.17 - 12pm PST

CACAO BASIC - 03.10.17 - 12pm PST


Drops 03.10.17 at Noon PST

This gi is made of dark brown fabric. 450 gsm Pearl Weave Top, with Twill Pants. Interior and exterior accents are black, and embroidery is white. 

We kept the design on this gi very simple, as we felt like the color already says a lot on it's own. It's a very classy color. It stands out, but it doesn't cross the line into wild territory. We took a minimalist approach by keeping it clean, and we hope you like it. 

Limited Quantities - Price will be $189.99


Model: WIlson Moreira Jr. - CTRL Athlete

Photos By: Anthony B. Geathers 







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