The Bishop - Premiere of two new fabrics.

The Bishop - Premiere of two new fabrics.

The Bishop


Release: SOLD OUT

(More Chess Weave Kimonos in Development)

The Bishop is the latest installment from our chess series of gis. The release of this gi marks a big step forward for us as a company. It is gonna be the premiere of two brand new CTRL exclusive fabrics. 


The Chess Weave: This is a weave that is unlike any fabric on the BJJ gi market today. It is woven in a way to create a check pattern across the entire span of each piece of fabric. Aside from having a very unique look and texture, it is very stretch resistant allowing the user to strip sleeve grips easier, and it won't lose it's shape during training, which is common with a lot of other gi fabrics. 


Twillstop: Twillstop is our newest pants fabric. It is a hybrid of twill and ripstop. By adding the ripstop thread layer embedded in the twill makes the fabric less stretchy than twill. So you get the comfort of twill, with the consistent fit of ripstop (ripstop holds it's shape well during use).




  • Daniel Bush

    Is the chess weave IBJJF legal?

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