The Kasuri

The Kasuri

The Kasuri

CTRL Industries x Nan De Mo

Release: 07.27.18 - Noon PST.

This release will mark the premiere our proprietary new fabric, Katana Weave. This weave is very similar to Chess Weave in many ways, but will have more of a diamond pattern as opposed to chess weave having more of a repeating square pattern.

Katana Weave is named for it's diamond pattern appearance which is similar to the diamond pattern found on a katana blade handle wrap. This new fabric minimizes stretch, and once washed has a raised texture. Because of this our athlete testers have stated that they feel it is harder for opponents to maintain grips on sleeves.

This gi design is an homage to Japanese Kasuri fabrics. Kasuri is a type of fabric that is woven using techniques that dye or resist dye to create pattern/images in the fabric. The patterns are often characterized by a blurred or brushed appearance. 

This is a joint design project with Natalia Ikemiya of Nan De Mo. Her family hails from Okinawa, Japan which is the place where Kasuri(Ikat) fabric originated from. With practice of Kasuri techniques spanning hundreds of years, the artform has been refined into what it is today. 

About Nan De Mo: 

"Nan De Mo is an LA-based collaborative design studio rooted in the fundamentals of architecture, with the philosophy that design is in anything, everything and everywhere. 
We seek to explore design beyond the traditional built environment through unique and creative solutions in the worlds of furniture, apparel, graphic design and branding among other disciplines"
- Natalia Ikemiya
Navy Specs: 
- 450 GSM Katana Weave Jacket (Two Tone Navy/Charcoal Grey)
- Ripstop Pants(Navy)
- Kasuri Style Accents and Details
- Grey Embroidery
- Charcoal Grey Stitching
White Specs:
- 450 GSM Katana Weave Jacket
- Twillstop Pants
- Kasuri Style Accents and Details
- Grey Embroidery
- Navy Stitching


  • Jacob Ketchens

    How much and when can I buy?

  • Tyler Munther

    What does the Japanese writing say?

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